About Us – Milspin Medals

About Us

Milspin Medals is directly affiliated with Milspin: The American Metal Company.

    We are Chet and Dana Peters, two brothers and United States Marines who run Milspin; a metal fabrication shop in Columbus, Ohio. We found our niche making high end custom CNC products for American Patriots. After receiving thousands of requests from civilians and veterans alike, we have decided to open the Milspin brand to a product that is deeply engrained into Military Culture; Challenge Coins. 

Welcome to Milspin Medals.

    It doesn’t just stop there, we are also offering custom bottle openers, key chains, Christmas Ornaments and any other small metal accessory you can think of. Milspin Medals offers the same attention to detail and high caliber products you always expect out of any Milspin item you order. From the initial design phase, to delivery, our team of Veterans will be there to answer any questions you may have and provide any guidance you may need to ensure your Milspin Medals are the perfect fit for your unit, department, detachment, friends or family. 

    When we aren’t burning through metal we hunt, fish, hike, shoot, drink beer, and talk about burning through more metal. Don’t ever hesitate to contact us about any of our products or our process. We will answer. That’s a promise.